What is The Best Shampoo For Oily Hair For Women and Men

 Is A Clarifying Shampoo The Answer For Your Greasy Roots and Oily Hair? Most salon owners and hair stylist tend to point to clarifying shampoos as the answer to many different scalp problems but the truth is that they can actually do more damage long term. In the short term they will strip away the extra sebum on the scalp but with that they signal the sebum gland to produce even more. This stripping effect also means that they outmost layer of scalp skin is getting the sebum layer which is also the protective layer stripped away.  How Can You Eliminate The Extra Sebum Without Stripping? The answer is with specific herbs as they melt away the sebum but they also help to coat and this prevents the sebum gland from over producing even more sebum or scalp oils. If the correct herbs are also used then the ph balance is reset to where it should be with regards to a healthy scalp. An oily scalp shampoo uses the herbs to prevent buildup, unclog the roots so the hair can grow correctly and t

Pimples On Scalp Treatments and Remedies with Shampoo and Lotions

Scalp Acne and Breakouts Around The Hair Line Treatments What can you do to help with pimples on your scalp or head? Many people ask if this is because of the shampoo that they are currently using that is causing the bumps and other problems to occur. For a very small percentage the answer might be yes but for most the answer is no. Allergic or Reactions To Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Ammonium laurel sulfate can cause reactions and even include sores etc. But this is a small percentage of adults and even smaller percentage of teenagers. Without a doubt we need to make sure that this is not the problem by spot testings. Simply rub or use the shampoo on small sections of the scalp and look for a reaction. If there is not a significant reaction over that part of the head then it is probably not the cause. For most adults both men and women as well as teenagers that have breakouts or pimples on scalp both rear and on the crown of the head, especially teens the answer is that if you are

Scalp Sores Are A Common Problem In Men and Women

Scalp Sores Are A Common Problem In Women and Men As our diet changes and shampoos get higher ph values and more inorganic ingredients we are seeing more and more scalp issues and problems. Stress also plays a part and now more than ever it seems like stress is affecting both men and women in the workplace and home life. One of the main problems that we are seeing these days are scalp sores or head sores. These can vary in appearance and they can crusty scabs on the head or they can be oozing, open, bleeding and they can vary from stage to stage on the head. Many people find them around the hair line, crown of the head where it also itches and back of the head. Many times with these sores you will find bumps and sometime pimple looking bumps that look like they need to pop. What causes scalp sores ? Most people will tell you bacteria, fungus, auto immune issues but the real question is why is the excess bacteria, fungus, yeast present on the scalp in large quantities. They are al

Tender Scalp Bumps Remedy

Scalp Bumps and Rashes Solutions For many of us scalp problems are more the norm than they are the exception. So this post we are going to dive in and explore what causes some of hair and scalp to hit a bump in the road so to speak. What can you do for Tender Scalp bumps ? That is a great question but that is not the only problem that people are facing with regards to bumps. Some people actually have to deal with crusty head scabs, oozing and bleeding scalp sores , dandruff and itching sometimes severe, yes some people even deal with hair loss related to these bumps. So what causes the lumps or sometimes sores in the first place. Take a look at this diagram and you will see that the hair follicle on the left is healthy and has more than just a healthy sebum and canal where the sheath grows inside the medulla. But it is free from bacteria, excess fungus growth and more. The biggest cause of the scalp problems mentioned above is the scalp itself lowers its defense system through